WWPF Rules

League Info

WWPF will be using the latest version of Wolverine Studios' Draft Day Sports Professional Football.
All GMs in the league are required to own a registered copy of the game and be on the same version of the game as the commissioner.
The commissioner will notify the league when he is updating his version and will make every attempt to ensure that GM imports do not fail based on an invalid version. GMs are expected to do the same.


League Owners are expected to submit regular exports and maintain an active presence on the league’s Slack channels. All GMs are expected to abide by all rules included here-in. They are also highly encouraged to use SLACK so that they can be easily contacted by other members of the league. A GM will run one team and one team only.


WWPF will consist of 32 teams modeled after the present day NFL.


We'll use the modified sudden death overtime system in the regular season as well as the post season.



The maximum amount of players allowed on a team’s active roster is 53. The maximum amount of players allowed on a team’s practice squad is 5. Position minimums and maximums will be enforced as they exist in game.

Practice Squad

There are no restrictions as to who can be put on the practice squad. Players on Practice squad are eligible to be claimed by other teams. Placing an injured player on the practice squad does not protect a player from being claimed. See below for claim rules.

Practice Squad Claims

If a player is claimed, he must remain on the active roster of the team claiming him. If he is moved to the practice squad (during the same season he was claimed), he shall be released by the team causing the team to suffer a salary cap penalty (see the financials section for more info).

Injured Reserve

GMs should be aware that placing a player on the injured reserve list will make them ineligible to play for the rest of the season (and post-season). Although, placing a player on the IR does clear a spot on the active roster. Placing an injured player on the practice squad does not protect a player from being claimed, but he is protected on the IR.


Contract Minimum/Maximum

Contract minimums and maximums will exist as they are in the game.
*A minimum contract can only be offered for 1 year.


All extensions will be done in game. Coaches exploiting known bugs to promote signing a player will be penalized by having the player released and them incurring the penalty associated with the release. Multiple infractions will result in a ban.

Franchise Player Tag

A team can designate one player on their team as their Franchise Player. If a player recieves the franchise player tag they will be paid an average of the top 5 players at their position or 120% of their current contract, whichever is greater. This will be a one year contract and the player cannot be released during the next season.

Releasing Players

If a team releases a player they will suffer a 20% penalty. This penalty will be assessed for each year of the contract.

Free Agency


Off-Season free agency will be conducted entirely in game. Each session will be simulated separately. *Teams should be aware that when making contract offers, the amount they offer is a PER SEASON offer and not the total offer. So, a contract offered for 5 years, 10 mil. would be worth a total of 50 million.


There will be two Pre-Season free agent sims that will take place following training camp. The purpose of this sim is to ensure that all teams are within the roster minimums/maximums. This sim will be run with the same rules as in-season free agency.


During the season Free Agency will be ran on a first come first serve basis.


Trades will be posted in the #wwpfcompletedtrades channel in Slack. One owner should post the trade and the other should confirm it. At that point the commish will run the trade on the next sim.

Challenging Trades

Any GM can challenge a trade. To do so, send a DM to commish in Slack. He will then notify the league owners and put it to a vote. Majority rules.

Draft Pick Trades

Only draft picks from the upcoming draft and the next draft after that can be traded. This is to ensure that a GM does not risk his team’s future. CPU Draft picks can be traded for between scouting and the first round using the trade calculator posted in Slack. Those CPU draft pick trades can be countered and will not be considered final until the pick arrives. The highest value offer to the CPU will win any trade.